summer & Winter schools

summer & Winter schools

summer & Winter schools


HYPERS is an app for people looking to learn summer or winter sports. Share where you're going, what would you like to learn and the app will help you find the best local schools and coaches to do it!

It's a side project that I co-founded with my friend Marcin.


September 2018 — December 2021

What did I do?

Product Owner
Design System
UX + UI Design
Icons Library
Graphic Design

Process Highlights

Since HYPERS was a side project of mine, the process behind it was a bit more chaotic than usual due to my engagement in the product itself. It allowed me though to understand the everyday struggles of Product Owners that I normally collaborate with. Since we've managed to release the app, I had a chance to go through the whole cycle of building a product myself and – I must admit – it taught me a lot.


We started with a discovery workshop. During this session we established main features of the app.


Regular work based on the requirements gathered during Discovery hand-in-hand with development.

User Tests

We've met with a few surf school owners and potential users to get their opinion about the app. It helped us understand, the mobile app for trainees is just the beginning of what we really need to build.

Small iterations and a major pivot

Our user-centric approach led to many iterations and one major pivot, that changed the way this product worked in the end.

UI + UX Review

Once Development was done, I was checking if the app met the initial vision from the usability and visual perspective.


Two simple questions – 'where are you going?' and 'what would you like to learn' – that's all we need to show you the best schools in your area.

School Profiles

Get to know the school you're about to start your adventure with. Review their story and opinions from other trainees.

Course Plan

Look up your schedule. Don't miss any appointment. Get to know your coach before starting the session.

Icons Library

While working on HYPERS Design System, I also designed a set of custom icons.

While working on HYPERS Design System, I also designed a set of over 75 custom icons.



Digital Product Designer with 15+ years of experience in web, mobile and vision pro app design. Highly skilled in design systems. Familiar with graphic design, motion and branding.

Full time with nomtek.
Part time with fun.

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