Online coaching platform

Online coaching platform

Online coaching platform


LeggUP is an online coaching platform, solving HR’s biggest challenges – upskilling managers, engaging employees, and improving retention.




nomtek, Poland


July 2021 — March 2022

What did I do?

Workshop Facilitation
Design System
Mobile App Design
Web App Design
Landing Page Design

Process Highlights

Since LeggUP was already existing on web, I needed to get to know the product very well. We kicked off our collaboration with a two-days online workshop.


With management, marketing, product, development, and design teams on board, I had chance to get to know LeggUP better, figure out the target group, and prepare scope for the mobile app.

Wireframing + Prototyping

My main outcome of the workshops was an interactive prototype built out of wireframes. Prototype covered all features we included in the scope. It helped to align teams on the general shape of final app and was the baseline for development estimations.


I started working on designs way before the development started. By the time developers joined, my work was mostly done.


Weekly checkpoint with the Product Team to review my progress.

Hot Fixes

Small things that come up during development had the highest priority to be fixed.

UI + UX Review

Once Development and Quality Assurance was done, I was checking if the app met the initial vision from the usability and visual perspective.

Mobile App

With 3-month deadline, building a complete LeggUP experience known from web wasn't possible. We decided to target the new product on existing LeggUP members.

By cutting out non-essential, one-time parts like new account setup or career assesments and presenting them as a simple web view in the app, we could spend more time on designing features used daily.


  1. Help existing members to get through their coaching program

  2. Visualize progress

  3. Schedule sessions


Coaching might get complicated. With “Focus” LeggUP’s mobile app is leading members through their program one step at a time.


Progress awareness is one of the most important parts of coaching. We present it as a path that helps members understand where they are in their growth process.


Instead of multi-page PDFs, we introduced bite-size workbooks that allow members to deepen their knowledge faster and in a more efficient way, wherever they are.


When in need of support, members can always reach out to their coaches using a built-in chat.

Web App

After deciding to fill in the missing parts of the mobile app with a web application, we needed to update the look and feel of it to create a consistent mobile experience.

Once the initial member’s reaction to the new, refreshed brand style introduced in the mobile app was beyond positive, our initial plan to update only the most-used views changed. We ended up redesigning the whole product.


  1. Match the refreshed app style introduced with mobile.

  2. Fix most irritating UX issues.

  3. Make the web app responsive.

Landing Page

To make sure the brand has a consistent look & feel, we also touched up the landing page. Even though it was mostly focused on visual updates, we managed to fix the most burning functional issues.


  1. Refresh style to match the new mobile and web app.

  2. Show advantages of the mobile app.

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