Pay tolls as you go

Pay tolls as you go

Pay tolls as you go


Uproad is a trip companion app that takes care of every day toll payments in the USA and helps to plan the most cost efficient route with a built-in toll calculator.


Kapsch TrafficCom AG, USA




May 2019 — March 2020

What did I do?

Design System
UX + UI Design
Icons Library

Process Highlights

I worked hand-in-hand with development team in two-week sprint cycle where design preceded implementation by at least one sprint.


Session for representatives of each team to understand what's coming up next.


Regular work based on the requirements gathered during Discovery.


I created interactive prototypes for complex features to demonstrate and evaluate the entire user experience.


Weekly checkpoint with the Product Team to review my progress.

Hot Fixes

Small things that come up during development had the highest priority to be fixed.

UI + UX Review

Once Development and Quality Assurance was done, I was checking if the app met the initial vision from the usability and visual perspective.


A simple two-step process collects all needed data to start the account.


The single source of truth combining your current balance, toll history, and recent spendings.

Trip Calculator

Set your starting point and destination to get the estimated toll cost with distance and time. Plan your trip in the most efficient way.

Toll Coverage

As Uproad grows and opens in next states, you'll receive updates announcing newly added locations.

Icons Library

While working on Uproad's Design System, I also designed a set of icons. Simple and inspired by road signs, the collection consists of over 100 original icons.

Let's talk.


Let's talk.